Electric Guitars

Sunset Series

The Sunset Series is retro in style but sonically contemporary. Its distinctive-shaped pickguard mimics guitar styles of long past. Its rich, warm tone makes it versatile for any guitar playing set...
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Aero Series

With its thin asymmetric body design and focus on playability, the Aero is the perfect primary guitar. With its 25.5" scale length and two-point fulcrum tremolo, each Aero delivers smooth, fast and...
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CR Series

The Classic Rock Series delivers the looks, feel and performance of much sought after vintage instruments. At the heart of each is the ClassicRocker pickups designed especially for this series.
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EVL Series

The EVL Series is a distinctive collection of guitars that are ready to rock. EMG® pickup options and locking tremolos ensure the EVL delivers every time.
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G Series

The G Series is vintage evolved. This double cutaway collection includes a wide variety of options to best meet each guitarists specific needs.
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Hollow Body Series

Built in the vintage style the Hollow Body Series offers versatile hollow body models.
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KX Series

This deeply arched collection of double cutaways are elegant and powerful. Many models include exotic woods and all have versatile pickups.
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M Series

This elegant collection of double cutaways is built for players with the most discriminating of tastes. Only the best equipment is used on these models.
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Viva Series

At first glance you will notice the unique direct mounted pickups, inlays and body design. The Viva is built for sound, but these guitars sure look great while sounding amazing.
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VX Series

The VX's aggressive body shapes are complimented by features like EMG-HZ pickups and Double Locking Tremolo
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X Series

The sleek X Series guitars are built for speed. Their aggressive contours on the body and neckjoint make playing these fast and easy.
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Zenox Series

The Zenox is a distinctive collection of single cutaway models. The Zenox models are comfortable to play even on your longest gigs.
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