ARTIST CLINICS: Cort signs upcoming young guitar idol Hedras Ramos

To celebrate our new relationship with guitar sensation Hedras Ramos, Cort Guitars will be hosting a series of clinics in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Argentina during the month of August.

Hedras has gained popularity all over the world and has been featured on the cover of countless guitar and music magazines. His latest release, Atoms and Space is an outstanding tour de force showcasing his amazing skills and composition.

Winning awards at the 2009 international guitar competition, Guitar Idol in London and the Ziua Chitarelor in Romania quickly rose to stardom. His success has put him into a world of top shelf musicians that will definitely continue to grow over the coming years. We are very proud to have him as part of the Cort family and invite you to come out and enjoy the playing of Hedras Ramos.

MEXICO - August 7 (Chihuahua)
MEXICO - August 8 (Mexico City)
GUATEMALA - August 10 (Guatemala City)
GUATEMALA - August 11 (Guatemala City)
PERU - August 13 (Lima)
ARGENTINA - August 15 (Buenos Aires)

Clinics and live demonstrations with the support of the best Latin American drummers and Hedras Ramos Sr. on bass, promoting Cort Guitars and Hedras' latest album "Atoms and Space."