Announcing Bass Tips with Jeff Berlin

World renowned bassist Jeff Berlin will be kicking off his weekly Bass Tips with Jeff Berlin web series next week on Wednesday, March 18! Jeff is considered one of the finest clinicians in music, and now you can have first hand access to his style, technical proficiency and musicianship!

"These new videos represent the best academic ways to learn, by practicing small bits of musical perfection! There are no "Secrets to Learning" in these videos nor magical exercises nor quick fixes to playing better. These exercises represent the straight line approach toward musical improvement. These videos contain simple, plain, non-philisophical moments of musical perfection. Enjoy them, practice them slowly and every day! Don't use a metronome! You will have problems learning these exercises with a metronome! Instead, count out or internally and tap your foot. And remember that we all improve as players when we use music to do it!" - Jeff Berlin

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