Cort Artist Bombino Talks His New Album "Nomad" & Cort

Cort was fortunate to sit down with Singer/Songwriter Bombino to talk about his new Album "Nomad" and Cort Guitars, of course.

Cort: Could you provide an introduction about "Nomad" album? What was the reason behind it? What kind of goal did you have in mind?

Bombino: Well quite simply Dan Auerbach discovered my music and he contacted my manager and asked if we would like to record our next album with him in Nashville. It was really no more complicated than that. We said 'of course!' It was really an amazing thing, like winning the lottery. The goal of the album was to capture the energy of our live show on an album. I hope that we accomplished that, at least to some degree.

Cort: How did you usually develop your solos in your songs? And what about the sweetening parts for all the guitar layers?

Bombino: I am the kind of soloist that will play one riff over and over. I like to feel each note I play, not just play a lot of complicated things.

Cort: How has your playing changed today since you have been using Cort electric and acoustic?

Bombino: Well, honestly I cannot say that my playing has become different. Only that with the Cort guitars I can play very easily, it is not a struggle to pull the sound I want out of the guitar. It is very natural and smooth. It feels like a part of my body.

Cort: Guitarwise, what are your the most favorite songs of which you are particularly proud? And why?

Bombino: I think "Iyat Idounia Ayasahen" is my favorite one. It is on my first album 'Agadez'. I don’t know why it is my favorite, I just feel this pull to play it at almost every show.

Cort: What sparked your interest in music and what made you gravitate towards the guitar and were there any particular guitarists who influenced you in your early days?

Bombino: I was in exile in Algeria with my family when I was a child and it was there that I discovered the guitar, by watching videos of great rock and roll stars like Jimi Hendrix and Dire Straits and Santana. I could feel how free these guys were playing their music and I fell in love with that freedom. I knew immediately I wanted to play the guitar.

Cort: Do you ever see yourself making instrumental guitar album?

Bombino: Sure, maybe. I am very open about the future.

Cort: How do you expand your musical horizons today?

Bombino: I like to jam with new and different musicians all the time. I know what I am doing in my music very well but for me it's a challenge to adapt to someone else's style and I really enjoy that challenge.

Cort: What do you think the special things on the new acoustic, Earth300VF and why?

Bombino: For me it is simply how it plays. It is so light and delicate but also powerful. You can tell immediately when you pick it up, even before I played it for the first time, that it is a very well designed guitar.

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