Federico Salerno

GROUPS: Deva       COUNTRY: Italy



- I level degree in Philosophy (Università Degli Studi – Milano)
- II level degree in Cultures And Languages For Communication (Università Degli Studi – Milano)
- Rock Guitar Master (Rock Guitar Academy – Milano)
- The Art Of Improvisation (Berklee in Dublin)
- Masterclasses and clinics with Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Carl Verheyen, Gigi Cifarelli, Claudio Bazzari

- (2013) Working on “Murther”, the new Deva album that will be available in stores as of autumn 2013 via RNC Music.
- (2012/2013) Vita Nova – “Vita Nova” feat. Kerstin Bischof (Xandria), first song of the international Gothic Metal project with VK Lynne, Shane Gibson (Korn), Kerstin Bischof (Xandria), Maxi Nil (Visions Of Atlantis), Helen Vogt (Flowing Tears), Gogo Melone (Luna Obscura) and many other names of the Heavy Metal scene. The album is signed by Thomas Lang and MUSO Enterteinment (Los Angeles based label) and will see the light as of summer 2013.

- F. Salerno – “Suona In Una Band – Metodo per chitarra elettrica” (Volontè & Co.) – Direction of the serie and author of the book and the music.
- T. D’Alba – “Suona In Una Band – Metodo per batteria” (Volontè & Co.) – Direction of the serie and co-author of the book and the music.

- (since 2012) Musicamanetta – Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Ensemble
- (since 2009) Accademia Dimensione Musica (Lainate – MI) – Rock Professional Courses of Electric Guitar
- (since 2006) Mondomusica (Milano) – Electric and Acustic Guitar