Jeff Berlin


What is it about Jeff Berlin that brings out such high praise from legends of the international music community?

For over forty years Jeff's innovative approach to the electric bass has been heard on dozens of recordings and in performances with an unprecedented array of diverse artists. From Jazz/Fusion virtuosos such as Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford Larry Coryell, Yes, Billy Cobham, Scott Henderson, Dennis Chambers, John McLaughlin, and Michael and Randy Brecker, Jeff established himself as one of the world's most influential bass players.

Jeff Berlin continues to tour and record throughout the world, his style, technical proficiency and musicianship influencing the newest generation of players. His solos are amongst the greatest ever played on a bass guitar, and as Jeff says, “The older that I get, the more that people seem to pay attention to my playing. I hope that I can be worthy of their attention. Even rockers and pop musicians are noticing this old jazz bass player....What an honor!”