Riley Bray

GROUPS: Golden Ghosts       COUNTRY: United States


Riley Bray grew up in Los Angeles and studied Fine Arts at UC Berkeley. At his brand-new independent studio in North Hollywood, Riley—a singer, songwriter, sculptor and producer—is dedicated to exploring the complex beauty of life.

His music braids folk, rootsy Americana and classic rock—influences as broad as Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Sonic Youth—into a soulful, intense sound that’s both radically and classically American. His songs are rugged, tender, and above all, real.

"Cort guitars deliver the classic styling I crave, with the warm, versatile tone I need, night after night. In the studio and on the road, my Corts are an indispensable part of my sonic pallet. From my CR series solid body, to my hollow body Sunset and Yorktown, my Corts are the modern answer to the vintage sound, look and feel and that I have grown to love."