Serve Olieslagers

GROUPS: Born From Pain        COUNTRY: Netherlands, The


Born From Pain was founded in the early summer of '97, as one of the early European bands to play a crossover/metalcore brand of heavy music. BORN FROM PAIN grew up in a musical environment of mid-80’s Bay Area and German trash metal and NY hardcore, 90’s Florida and Birmingham death metal, NYC crossover and US/European metalcore. Bands like Merauder, Stigmata, Earth Crisis, All Out War, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Integrity, Testament, Slayer, early Agnostic Front and Crumbsuckers were of infinite influence on members as the fuse was lit that summer…and for many years to come!
Servé was a founding member back in ’97. After a part-time hiatus to engage in other musical projects he returned to Born From Pain in 2012. To accommodate the re-entry he sought after a new weapon to bring the punch on stage. The Cort Z-Custom 2 was just that!