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Bård Torstensen
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Bård Torstensen (born September 13, 1961) is a Norwegian guitarist and record producer from Arendal, best known as a long time and founding member of rap metal Clawfinger. Torstensen also plays guitar in ice skate-country band Melkesyra and jazz/metal band Okavango, witch both are from his hometown. Before founding Clawfinger in 1990 with Zak Tell (lead vocals), Jocke Skog (keyboards) and Erlend Ottem (guitar) he and Ottem played in a local band named Theo. Torstensen has played many band on the metal, rock kind of music genre. And what Cort has the big lineup of Zenox and Torstensen's inspiration to enlarge his dream of sound made a nice relations both Cort and him.
Bård Torstensen