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Born in Madrid, Spain in 1978, London-Madrid based guitarist and engineer Danny Gomez is one of the most eclectic players of his generation. Self taught musician with more than 20 years of experience, playing, touring, recording, producing and directing, covering all musical genres as biggest artists sideman, designer and product specialist for main international brands.

His passion for rock and for all the other genres of music he came across while growing up as a musician in Spain and in the United Kingdom has allowed him to create a unique voice on his instrument and working with with Brian May (QUEEN), Mercury Phoenix Trust, We Will Rock You (QUEEN & Ben Elton), Ronnie Romero (Ritchie Blackmore’s RAINBOW), La Quinta Estación, Nacho Cano (MECANO), Geronimo Rauch (PHANTOM OF THE OPERA), Ruth Lorenzo (X-FACTOR / EUROVISION), and many more.

After several years both directing and producing tours by himself, in 2012, in order to quench his thirst for production and to be able to be involved with the companies he always loved to produce to, he creates TOXIC PROD. partnering with production manager Martha Garcia that just came back from her UK residency. A Night At The Opera, All Star Band, Hard Rock Live, etc. are some of TOXIC PROD. and Danny highlights that became quickly popular and have been touring on SOLD OUT arenas since then.

Nowadays Danny shares his time between guitar playing, musical direction, design, product specialist duties and TOX!C PROD. & MASSIVE UNITY responsibilities.


Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez