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Rafa Gutierrez
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Hombres G
His career starts with "Plastico" in 1976 being part of Madrid´s new wave, and widely known by his second band, "Hombres G" a Spanish pop/rock band, from 1982 to 1991, widely considered one of Spain's most prominent pop groups, a multi-platinum selling group, with million records sold, hundreds of shows in Spain and Latin America, and two films. Hombres G came back in 2002 with again huge record sellings and touring intensively in the United States of America until 2017-2018 with an upcoming world tour and album. his side projects Saltimbankins and Rafa&co and being involved with the new talented generation, being hugely influenced by 70-80´s rock and 80´s power pop and open to every genre with “something".


Rafa Gutierrez