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Grand Regal – Spruce/Rosewood or Cedar/Blackwood? Product News
Grand Regal – Spruce/Rosewood or Cedar/Blackwood?
The new Cort Grand Regal is a stunningly versatile acoustic guitar with the Grand Auditorium body size that sits comfortably in between the mighty Dreadnaught and the intimate Grand Concert, offering the characteristics of both aesthetically and sonically. That being said..
A Hybrid of Pragmatism and Romanticism Product News
A Hybrid of Pragmatism and Romanticism
To the modern electric guitar and steel-string acoustic player, there is still something romantically alluring about the sound and feel of a nylon-string classical guitar. But the thought of owning and playing a traditional classical guitar can be intimidating due to its wide..
Tom Quayle on Frank Gambale LUXE Product News
Tom Quayle on Frank Gambale LUXE
  Virtuoso fusion guitarist Tom Quayle provides a superb video review of Cort’s new LUXE Frank Gambale Signature Model acoustic-electric guitar at iguitarmag.com – Guitar Interactive. Introduced at the 2016 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California, the u..
Guitar of the Month: G260 Alder Product News
Guitar of the Month: G260 Alder
The new Cort G260 Alder is a modern take on the timeless classic bolt-on electric guitars from the 60’s. The defining wood combination of this era was alder body on a maple neck with rosewood fretboard. This wood combo has been time-tested for over five decades and remai..
Jeff 's Super Trio Performance Artist News
Jeff 's Super Trio Performance
Cort artist and endorsee Jeff Berlin recently shared a video clip from his performance in Buenos Aires that also featured jazz-rock drum legend Billy Cobham and fusion guitar virtuoso Scott Henderson. The tune is the fusion staple ‘Stratus’ from Cobham’s ..
Here Comes the Cover Model! Product News
Here Comes the Cover Model!
Cort’s Artisan Series basses are the cover story subject of Germany’s highly respected webzine Bass Quarterly. The magazine article provides an in-depth look at the well-regarded Artisan basses. The conclusion from the magazine is that the Artisan basses measur..
The Timeless Sound and Vibe of the Parlor Body Acoustic Product News
The Timeless Sound and Vibe of the Parlor Body Acoustic
There is something to be said about the sound, feel and vibe of an acoustic parlor body guitar. It isn’t ideal for strumming big-sounding open chords like on a dreadnought or playing blazing single-note lines up and down the neck like one would on a cutaway grand auditor..
Cort Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars Product News
Cort Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars
There is nothing quite like the sound of the mighty dreadnought acoustic guitar. There are many kinds of acoustics with different body shapes with their own distinctive and pleasant characteristics but when one envisions an acoustic guitar in his/her mind, the dreadnought sha..
New MBC-1 Color: Red Sparkle Product News
New MBC-1 Color: Red Sparkle
The MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar has been a massive success for all parties involved: Matt Bellamy, Cort Guitars and Manson Guitar Works. Until now this model has only been available in the Matt Black color. To take this model one step further Cort Guitars rec..
Frank Gambale's interview on his signature model "Cort LUXE" Artist News
Frank Gambale's interview on his signature model "Cort LUXE"
Fusion guitar legend Frank Gambale needs little introduction. From pioneering the revolutionary sweep picking technique to working with some of the greatest jazz-fusion musicians in the world, Frank Gambale has always been about musical innovation and cutting-edge techniqu..
Grand Regal Press Release Product News
Grand Regal Press Release
Cort Guitars is pleased to announce its new Grand Regal line of acoustic guitars featuring various exotic woods that have never been used before in Cort’s production history. The new line debuts with the GA5F-MD but will include additional models to be released at a l..
Hedras' Shredding Lesson Series News & Events
Hedras' Shredding Lesson Series
Guatemalan rock guitar virtuoso and Cort artist Hedras Ramos and Cort have collaborated on a series of instructional videos aimed at the Spanish-speaking market of high-energy rock guitar players. Hedras is an instrumental rock guitarist with some of the most wicked chops a..