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Changing Lives with 50 Guitars in Kenya

April 4, 2017

Changing Lives with 50 Guitars in Kenya

Cort Guitars has donated 50 brand new acoustic guitars to Kenyan music distributor and retailer in an initiative to reward 50 young talented underprivileged youth to help them achieve their dreams of creating music as well as inspiring many more talented youth to develop their passion.

Through this campaign of Corporate Social Responsibility Activity, Supersonic Studios, Hedgehog Creative and Musical Distributors and 5 local celebrities will get involved in partnering with Kenya’s One Teen Music Show as well as getting more celebrity endorsements and digital engagement through social media channels.


The goal of this campaign is to change the lives of young, talented and aspiring musicians who in turn will inspire more talented youth to pursue music. Cort is pleased to participate in this campaign to make a meaningful contribution to help underprivileged youth attain the universal dream of creating music.


For more information regarding this campaign, please click on the following link: