• Earth Series

    As Cort’s homage to the great vintage acoustic guitars, the Earth Series represents the look, sound, feel and playability of those fine instruments with uncompromising quality and excellent value. Ideal for both flatpicking and fingerstyle players, the Earth Series guitars feature such time-tested classic materials like solid spruce top, Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back and sides and Madagascar rosewood.

  • CR Series

    The Classic Rock Series delivers the look, feel and performance of the much sought-after vintage instruments from the Golden Era of electric guitars. At the heart of each CR Series guitar is the specially designed ClassicRocker pickups for an authentic vintage rock sound and response.

  • Grand Regal Series

    The new Grand Regal Series from Cort is based on the popular Grand Auditorium body shape that sits right in between the dreadnaught and concert-size shapes for a full but balanced sound. The 45mm nut width also makes it ideal for fingerstyle playing. Offered in various models with solid Sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides, solid European spruce top with Madagascar rosewood back and sides and solid red cedar top with blackwood back and sides, the Grand Regal Series offers variety of choices to suit virtually any musical style and taste.

  • G Series

    The G Series represents a logical evolution of the term "vintage". It is modern yet retains the familiar characteristics of the classic double-cutaway design in an aesthetically tasteful manner. This double-cutaway collection includes a wide variety of options and features to best meet a player's specific needs and requirements.

  • MR Series

    The MR Series represents Cort’s mission to provide the highest quality traditional instruments with superb workmanship and modern features at an unbeatable value. The classic dreadnaught body has a Venetian cutaway for easy high fret access and is equipped with Fishman electronics to deliver the MR’s natural acoustic sound to an amplification system for both live and recording applications.

  • M Series

    An elegant collection of modern double-cutaway design guitars, the M Series embodies taste and class but with plenty of attitude and a versatile musical personality. Only the finest materials and components are used on these models to match the hansome aesthetic design.

  • Luce Series

    Cort’s vision of alternatives to the popular dreadnought shape, the Luce Series offers smaller body size shapes like OM, Concert and Parlor that are easier to hold and play while providing a more balanced sound. An ideal balance between classic vintage looks from the golden age of guitars and modern yet practical features, the Luce Series guitars provide the best of both worlds in perfect harmony.

  • X Series

    The all-new X Series has been completely revamped with a more modern and ergonomic design and improved features, including new finishes that capture today’s metal guitar trends. Sleek yet robust, the X Series was designed and built for metal but is versatile enough to cover an extremely wide range of musical genres and styles such as fusion, prog, and classic rock, making it much more than a one-trick-pony.

  • Manson Stage Series

    Hugh Manson has been making custom guitars for over 30 years and has earned an enviable reputation within the music industry for innovation and quality, making electric guitars for some of the world's best known rock & roll superstars, including John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Matt Bellamy from Muse. We are pleased to announce the 2017 collaboration project with Manson Guitar Works two new electric guitar models, M-Jet and Classic TC.

  • Frank Gambale Series

    Developed in conjunction with legendary guitarist Frank Gambale, this is a true signature model in that the artist had a great deal of input on each detail of the guitar. Ideal for high-speed soloing, this innovative acoustic-electric guitar also features custom wooden rosette and custom fingerboard inlay designed by Frank Gambale himself.

  • AS Series

    Cort’s flagship series of premium acoustic guitars, the AS Series features the very best materials, components and workmanship for instruments that will improve with age like fine wine. If the utmost sound quality is your top priority, then you need to look no further than the AS Series.

  • Sunset Series

    The Sunset Series is a combination of retro styling with modern sensibilities and sonic character. The distinctively shaped pickguard recalls the guitar design styles of a long bygone era. Its rich and resonant warm tone is ideal for a variety of musical genres and styles.

  • SFX Series

    As Cort’s vision of the modern acoustic-electric, the SFX Series features Cort’s own slim body shape (83*83mm) with cutaway, modern V-shape neck profile for enhanced playability and speed, arched back for improved resonance, jumbo frets and Fishman electronics. The SFX is for the thoroughly modern player who isn’t bound to tradition.

  • KX Series

    The KX Series is for the thoroughly modern player who also appreciates the best of time-tested classic design and features. Double-cutaway design with easy access to the 24-fret neck, the KX models are sonically as powerful as they look.

  • NDX Series

    A unique body shape developed exclusively by Cort, the NDX Series guitars feature a 100*125mm full-size body for a big sound, Fishman electronics for superb amplification, and a sharp Florentine cutaway for a modern look as well as easy access to the highest frets.

  • Zenox Series

    The Zenox Series is a collection of distinctively styled single-cutaway models. The Zenox guitars are designed for comfort and sleek looks to stand out on stage and deliver a powerful modern rock and metal sound.

  • Classic Series

    The Classic Series features two distinctive types of models: the traditional Spanish-style nylon-string AC models and hybrid nylon-string CEC models that borrow from steel-string cutaway acoustic-electrics with cutaways, narrower nut width, and Fishman electronics. The traditional style AC models have been re-engineered to improve resonance for an authentic classical guitar sound while the CEC models feature slim body with cutaway, 45mm nut width and electronics for steel-string players who love the nylon-string sound.

  • Hollow Body Series

    Built to the highest quality standards with vintage styling at an excellent value, the Hollow Body Series guitars provide the classic hollow-body and semi-hollow body electric guitar sounds that are timeless and always endearing to the ears. Although ideal for jazz, the Hollow Body Series guitars are also excellent for classic rock and roll sounds, blues and R&B.

  • CJ Series

    The large jumbo body of the CJ Series provides a huge sound, unmatched volume and great dynamics as well as a classic look outlined by its graceful curves. The CJ Series is further distinguished by its cutaway for easy access to the high frets and Fishman electronics to amplify its expansive sonic character.

  • Standard Series

    Cort’s oldest acoustic series, the Standard Series defines superb performance and value for the money. The Standard Series guitars are affordable but offer good solid performance for beginners and hobbyists alike in a variety of models with different types of features for any playing situation.

  • Jade Series

    Using a smaller classical-size body, the Jade Series was developed with a particular group of players in mind – female musicians. With its distinctive graphics and special colors, the Jade Series not only looks pretty, but delivers a great balanced sound and easier playability with a thinner neck and deeper cutaway for experienced players and beginners alike.

  • Gold Series

    The Gold was built for the discriminating player who is seeking a great instrument where each
    detail has been carefully considered and correctly tended.

  • Ukulele Series

    With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing high quality stringed instruments, Cort has raised the bar with the introduction of three all-solid ukulele models that stand out from the toy-like ukuleles that are so prevalent in the market today.

  • Acoustic Bass Series

    Cort acoustic bass guitars feature a deep jumbo body (depth of 110-135mm) to deliver a big natural acoustic sound with plenty of volume that will anchor the low-end in any musical setting. Fishman electronics facilitate a great amplified sound as well.

  • Acoustic EVL Series

    The striking looking EVL will look at home on stage of a Gothic metal concert but the sound is more than skin deep with its solid spruce top and lush-sounding Fishman Presys electronics and Sonicore pickup.

  • Rithimic Series

    Rithimic Series is designed and inspired by Jeff Berlin, created by Cort. Jeff Berlin is known as one of the greatest bass players in the world and is also considered one of the finest clinicians in music.

  • Artisan Series

    Designed for serious bass players who require premium looks, sound, playability and features, the Artisan Series basses offer world-class materials, workmanship and high-end components such as Bartolini pickups and Hipshot hardware.

  • GB Series

    The GB Series basses are for the modern players with a leaning towards the traditional look and feel but with modern appointments and features that improve the overall performance of the instrument.

  • Action Series

    This affordable bass series benefits from our many decades of building quality basses and our pursuit of improvement.

  • AF series

    The AF Series was designed and built for the acoustic-electric guitarist who needs power, flexibility and superb quality sound in an affordable and portable package.

  • GE Series

    The GE Series bass amplifiers pack power and punch in a small package. Whether you are practicing, jamming or performing at a small venue, the GE Series will deliver the bottom end with a built-in compressor, active/passive input option and metal grille.

  • MX Series

    The MX Series amps include three amp models. Each has 2 channels, 3 band EQ and a headphone out. Also included is a special input perfect for you iPod or CD player.

  • CM Series

    The CM Series provides the perfect starting point for any guitar player or bassist. Each has 10 watts, a 3 band EQ and a headphone output.

  • Arona Series

    Developed in collaboration with German bass builder, Sandberg guitars, the Arona captures the very essence of European style. The Arona models feature bodies made of either swamp ash or alder depending on the finish, and are available in both 4 and 5 string models. The Arona basses also feature the new Desonic by Delano pickup system. These are the perfect basses for players that prefer simplicity and practicality.