• CR Series

    The Classic Rock Series delivers the look, feel and performance of the much sought-after vintage instruments from the Golden Era of electric guitars. At the heart of each CR Series guitar is the specially designed ClassicRocker pickups for an authentic vintage rock sound and response.

  • G Series

    The G Series represents a logical evolution of the term "vintage". It is modern yet retains the familiar characteristics of the classic double-cutaway design in an aesthetically tasteful manner. This double-cutaway collection includes a wide variety of options and features to best meet a player's specific needs and requirements.

  • M Series

    An elegant collection of modern double-cutaway design guitars, the M Series embodies taste and class but with plenty of attitude and a versatile musical personality. Only the finest materials and components are used on these models to match the hansome aesthetic design.

  • X Series

    The all-new X Series has been completely revamped with a more modern and ergonomic design and improved features, including new finishes that capture today’s metal guitar trends. Sleek yet robust, the X Series was designed and built for metal but is versatile enough to cover an extremely wide range of musical genres and styles such as fusion, prog, and classic rock, making it much more than a one-trick-pony.

  • Manson Stage Series

    Hugh Manson has been making custom guitars for over 30 years and has earned an enviable reputation within the music industry for innovation and quality, making electric guitars for some of the world's best known rock & roll superstars, including John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Matt Bellamy from Muse. We are pleased to announce the 2017 collaboration project with Manson Guitar Works two new electric guitar models, M-Jet and Classic TC.

  • Sunset Series

    The Sunset Series is a combination of retro styling with modern sensibilities and sonic character. The distinctively shaped pickguard recalls the guitar design styles of a long bygone era. Its rich and resonant warm tone is ideal for a variety of musical genres and styles.

  • KX Series

    The KX Series is for the thoroughly modern player who also appreciates the best of time-tested classic design and features. Double-cutaway design with easy access to the 24-fret neck, the KX models are sonically as powerful as they look.

  • Zenox Series

    The Zenox Series is a collection of distinctively styled single-cutaway models. The Zenox guitars are designed for comfort and sleek looks to stand out on stage and deliver a powerful modern rock and metal sound.

  • Hollow Body Series

    Built to the highest quality standards with vintage styling at an excellent value, the Hollow Body Series guitars provide the classic hollow-body and semi-hollow body electric guitar sounds that are timeless and always endearing to the ears. Although ideal for jazz, the Hollow Body Series guitars are also excellent for classic rock and roll sounds, blues and R&B.