Anders Fridén

GROUPS: In Flames       COUNTRY: Sweden


Anders Fridén started with In Flames on the 1995 album The Jester Race. His look changed dramatically following the release of In Flames 2002 release Reroute to Remain. His previously clean-shaven look was replaced with a beard, and his long hair was put into dreadlocks. His vocal style has also changed, especially on the past three records. His low-tone, harsh death growl has evolved into a higher pitched scream (done in the fry scream technique), which is now supplemented by clean vocals and layers of backing vocals. In addition to being a vocalist, Fridén is also a producer, with his most recent efforts being the albums: The Undying Darkness by Caliban in 2006 and Absolute Design by the band Engel in 2007.

In 2011 Cort has tried to make an endorsement with him and finally succeed to have him play Cort. One of the flagship lineup of Cort All solid collection, AS model sounds well, feels great and looks great with him.