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A Hybrid of Pragmatism and Romanticism

October 18, 2016

A Hybrid of Pragmatism and Romanticism

To the modern electric guitar and steel-string acoustic player, there is still something romantically alluring about the sound and feel of a nylon-string classical guitar. But the thought of owning and playing a traditional classical guitar can be intimidating due to its wide neck width and unfamiliar feel. Also, such a guitar can be seen as outright impractical for live stage usage. These factors often discourage electric and steel-string players from exploring the unique sonic characteristics and textures of the nylon-string guitar and that is a shame. There are so many great guitar sounds and music that can be created with such a guitar by the adventurous guitarist.


With these thoughts in mind, Cort sought to create a hybrid instrument utilizing modern guitar-building concept and the latest in guitar pickup and electronics and combining that with the traditional nylon-string sound. The result is the Sunset Nylectric – a hybrid that combines the best of both worlds that seem so far apart. Drawing from experience in building electric guitars, steel-string cutaway guitars and traditional Spanish nylon-string guitars, Cort’s engineers studied what aspects can be incorporated and combined to design and produce a guitar that will appeal to every type of guitar player.


Featuring electric-like bolt-on construction with spruce top on chambered mahogany body and a mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, the natural acoustic sound is loud and resonant. The fretboard radius is 12”, making it feel more familiar to electric and acoustic steel-string players. Most importantly, the nut width is 1 ¾” (45mm) compared to 2” (52mm) of traditional nylon-string classical guitars. Although wider than the typical electric or steel-string widths of 1.650” (42mm) or 1.687” (43mm), it still feels familiar and easy to adapt to than the standard classical width.


The neck joins the body at the 16th fret, providing easier access to the high register of the fretboard than even most electric and steel-string cutaway guitars. The nylon-string sounds fat and full-bodied even at the high register and makes it ideal for soloing with a pick. The electric and steel-string player can now explore new sounds and play the nylon-string with the same amount of freedom and the familiar feel.


To top it all off, the Sunset Nylectric comes equipped with the high-regarded Fishman Sonicore pickup and VTB EQ system with volume, treble and bass controls laid out as on a traditional electric guitar. The Fishman system delivers a natural acoustic sound into an acoustic amplifier or direct to a PA system or recording equipment. The guitar’s construction and Fishman system is also highly resistant to feedback, making it ideal for live usage on a loud stage.


The Sunset Nylectric is the ultimate hybrid that combines the romantic sound of the nylon-string with the pragmatic features and playability of the electric guitar. It does not attempt to “replace” or “outdo” the revered traditional classical guitar. This is for the electric and steel-string players who love the sound of the nylon-string but need features and familiarity of the instruments they mainly play. Now there is no reason to put off getting a nylon-string. Try a Sunset Nylectric and experience what the marriage of two distinct worlds can do for your music.


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