B4 20th


Key Features

5pc African Wenge & Rosewood Neck, African Wenge Fingerboard
This dark-brown-colored wood is not only a beautiful look and a great-feeling grain, but also excellent stability. As a result, Wenge has proven to be the perfect wood to utilize with the high tension of bass strings.

Swamp Ash Body
Swamp ash has bold grain that's appropriate for clear finishes. It's lighter in weight than any other general tonewood for bass guitar, for good tone.

  • Bolt-On / 34"
  • Swamp Ash Body
  • 5pc African Wenge & Rosewood Neck
  • African Wenge Fingerboard
  • 24 / Large (2.7mm)
  • 34" (864mm)
  • Hipshot Ultralight Tuners
  • Bartolini MK-1 Pickups
  • Bartolini MK-1 EQ
  • Black
  • D'addario EXL165(105-045)
  • B4 20th - BEX(Black Exotic)
  • B4 20th - NEX(Natural Exotic)