Sunset II


Key Features

TV Jones Ltd Pickups
The TV Jones LTD Pickups capture the essence of a classic tone befitting of this great instrument, but with some added crunch.

TonePros Lic. Bridge
TonePros Lic. Bridge completely solidify SunsetII and will not only just stay on, this system can make sure the bridge in place like stone.

  • Set-in
  • Maple Top on Chambered Mahogany Body
  • Mahogany
  • White
  • Rosewood, 12" Radius(305mm)
  • 22 / Large (2.7mm)
  • 24 3/4" (629mm)
  • Rectangular White Pearl
  • Die cast
  • TonePros Lic. Bridge with Stop Tailpiece
  • TV Jones Ltd (H-H)
  • 1vol, 1tone, 3way toggle
  • CR (Chrome)
  • D'Addario EXL110(046-010)
  • Sunset II BK - Black
  • Sunset II CAR - Candy Apple Red

TV Jones Ltd Pickups

Who is TV Jones?

Tom’s success as a pickup maker stems from his incredible ear for tone. While working with Gretsch, Tom continued to make and design guitars and his interest in guitar pickups grew. He realized that slight changes to a pickup could vastly affect the feel and tone of a guitar. This sent him on a quest to design and manufacture the ultimate guitar pickup. Tom’s expertise and passion for guitar pickups soon earned him the trust and admiration of many leading guitar players, like Brian Setzer, Billy F. Gibbons(ZZ Top), David Gilmour, Joe Perry(Aerosmith), John Mayer, Keith Urban, Chris Cheney(The Living End), Rob Matteras(Katy Perry), Artic Monkeys, Rusty Anderson(Paul McCartney), etc.

What makes TV Jones Ltd Pickups special?

1. Narrower bobbin width : Narrower magnetic field for more clarity. 


2. Larger pole screw : Larger pole screws create more inductance – more inductance result in a thicker tone and more output.

3. 1.       A thicker 1/4” Alnico 5 bar Magnet is used for the bridge pickup for more dynamics, and saturation when you dig in with a pick. An 1/8” Alnico 4 bar Magnet is used for the neck pickup for a sweeter, smoother tone.