Bass Musician Magazine Reviews the Cort A5 Plus SCMS

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"I’ve always been a fan of single cut basses, the way they resonant, and yes, I think more wood is better, giving better resonance and tone. A few other things I really like about the Cort A5 Plus SCMS is that it is multi scale and very comfortable to play."


The highly respected Bass Musician magazine has recently published a review of the new Cort A5 Plus SCMS model that was introduced at the 2018 Winter NAMM. Cort’s first multi-scale bass that features 35.5” scale length for the low-B and 34.0” for the G-string, the A5 Plus SCMS provides a more even and balanced tension for each of the strings and provides a deeper yet focused low-end punch on the lower strings.


From a playability standpoint, the multi-scale is easy to adapt to and will feel natural after the initial period of adjustment. An exciting and pragmatic evolution of the bass, the A5 Plus SCMS provides the modern bass player with the benefits of multi-scale technology along with premium materials, components and the world class craftsmanship that Cort basses are known for. 


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