Virtuoso Hedras’ Video Playthrough with the New KX500MS

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Cort artist Hedras Ramos performs a video playthrough of ‘Eucalyptus’ from his new album with the new KX500MS multi-scale 7-string model that demonstrates the guitar’s broad tonal range from sparkling clean to modern djent metal rhythm as well as blistering legato lead lines. Versatile yet with a distinct sonic character of its own, the KX500MS is for the modern guitarist who is more interested in exploring new sounds than cloning the sounds of yesteryears.


A rising star in the prog metal and fusion field, Hedras has been very active with the release of his new album ‘The Impressionist’ that has received acclaim from instrumental music fans around the world.


Check out Hedras’ stunning performance as well as the tonal possibilities that the KX500MS offers

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