Premier Guitar Reviews the GB75JH

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“The GB75JH from Cort is a winner. The build features are well planned, from the Hipshot Ultralight tuners to the high-mass Omega bridge, and the bass pops, sings, and sustains for days.”


Premier Guitar has recently published a review of the Cort GB75JH, conducted by highly regarded touring bassist Steve Cook. Citing high quality workmanship as well as excellence in tone with 4.5 star rating, the GB75JH also gets high ratings for sonic versatility that can cover a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.


“The GB gave me a robust and super-tight tone that rang with great clarity. With a little boost of the EQ’s lows, the bass starts sounding big and authoritative….Humbuckers on a bass make for a sweet and sparkly sound, and their funky mids have wormed their way onto so many great records across all genres…. On the other end of the sonic spectrum, the Jazz-style pickup is nicely voiced in active mode as well. With the bass rolled up and treble zeroed out, the GB75JH took on another face. The subdued vintage tone reminded me of, dare I say, a hollowbody bass—although not a complete tonal replication. Still, the big tone will do nicely in a pinch if that woody, earthy vibe is needed. Once again, this bass could be played all night on this setting as well”


Designed and engineered to provide both modern bridge humbucker sound and the more traditional J-style single-coil sound for the utmost in versatility, the revamped GB lineup was introduced in 2017 and has been extremely well received by the bass community.


The combination of Cort’s experience and skills employed in the Voiced Tone Pickups (VTB-ST and VTB-H), the enhanced sustain of the Omega bridge and the Hipshot Ultralite tuners on a solidly constructed 35” bass delivers a deep low end that is articulate and focused as well as rich with character.


Read the article on the Premier Guitar May issue


Besides the GB75JH, the 4-string version GB74JH is also available as well as the GB75JJ and GB74JJ with the two single-coil pickups configuration.

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