Gear Gods Reviews the New KX500MS

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Gear Gods is well known for focusing on the gear needs of the metal community. So, it was only fitting for Gear Gods to take the new KX500MS for a spin – Cort’s first foray into the extended range multi scale world.


Reviewed by Trey Xavier, who is a well-known and highly respected figure in the world of metal circles, the KX500MS gets solid marks for solid build quality and brutal metal tones aimed at the modern djent crowd.


Along with the KX500MS, the popular KX Series was revamped for 2018 with other new models KX257B baritone guitar, KX300 equipped with the EMG Retroactive humbucker and fixed bridge and the KX100 for the novice players getting started on their exploration of the exciting world of modern metal.


Click here to see the video review from Gear Gods.

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