A5 Plus SCMS Video Review by BassTheWorld

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The new A5 Plus SCMS bass is the subject of a new video review by BassTheWorld. Cort’s first foray into the burgeoning world of multi scale basses, the A5 Plus SCMS also features a single-cut design for added mass to the body and a downsized headstock with lightweight Hipshot tuners for an exceptionally balanced and comfortable instrument.


“The concept of this bass is superior to the standard way of building the guitar and bass neck. The multi scale models every strings get individual scale, consistent string tension all over the neck, improves tone definition, and which is very important especially to the bass players, super solid sounding B string. This bass sounds nothing like the other ones. It’s super fast and punch. A5 Plus SCMS is neck thru construction, which doesn’t only improve the stability but also takes care for a long sustain.”


Premium materials like lightweight Swamp Ash for the wings, Spalted Maple for the top, and 5-piece neck-thru-body with Maple and PangapPanga (an African hardwood) provide an excellent foundation for a robust and balanced acoustic tone. Individual hardtail bridge unit for each string reduces crosstalk for greater articulation while the Hipshot Ultralite machine heads reduce weight as well as providing super functionality and tuning stability.


The boutique high-end features are complemented by Bartolini pickups and the MK-1 EQ preamp to faithfully deliver the natural acoustic tone to the amplifier with exceptional clarity, flexibility and versatility. The Artisan line has been a Cort mainstay for 25 years and the A5 Plus SCMS now represents the pinnacle of the Artisan line. Check out the video review to see and hear the A5 Plus SCMS and please play one in person at a local Cort dealer to experience one of the most outstanding basses in the market today.


Click here to see the video review from Bass The World.

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