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For the more traditional bass player who appreciates the benefits that modern technology offers, Cort designed and engineered the new GB line of basses to provide the best of both the traditional and modern worlds in a thoughtfully integrated package. The GB75JH is featured in a new review by Music Radar’s expert bassist and reviewer John McIver and points out the excellent features as well as the stunning value the instrument delivers. Citing high quality workmanship as well as excellence in tone with 4.5 star rating, the GB75JH also gets high ratings for sonic versatility that can cover a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.


“Can you really get a decent active five-string for £600 and change? For £619, they’ve made a bass that has  a) five strings b) a 35” scale c) active electronics d) a player-beneficial design e) high-quality hardware f) woods of reasonable quality g) excellent hardware h) a useable, if unspectacular, tone range. What more do you really need?”


Featuring a light weight Swamp Ash body with Canadian hard Maple neck and fingerboard, the GB75JH has the classic bolt-on sound and resonance that many bass players are familiar with. As the review points out, the build quality is superb due to Cort’s manufacturing prowess and the experienced and dedicated craftsmen who genuinely care about attention to the details.


The GB75JH’s familiarity is coupled with features that traditional players have sought without having make a switch to a more modern instrument: 5-strings, 35” scale, active electronics, a wider tonal range and improved hardware. The GB75JH provides all of these features along with the superb craftsmanship and exceptional value for the working bassist who does not want to compromise.


“Pick the Cort GB75 up and examine the quality. From the elephant-ear Hipshot tuners on down, this bass is all about size and presence, thanks to the 47.5mm nut width and the 35” scale. Thankfully it doesn’t have a two-octave neck or we’d need two people to pick it up, let alone play it - and its flattened C profile and slippery finish means that navigating said neck can be done without the need for GPS. The body, a transparent red stripey job made of swamp ash, is set off nicely by the transparent scratchplate, an option that we wish more luthiers offered. We’ve got two pickups, a single-coil job and a big old humbucker, to play with, modulated by four gold pots, knurled and heavy like they used to make. Very impressive.”


The pickups are Cort’s own Voiced Tone pickups (bridge humbucker and neck single-coil) which have been painstakingly developed to meet the requirements of both the classic and modern. The GB75JH also features a passive-active selector toggle switch to cover virtually every musical situation that an experienced bassist may encounter. Check out the review to see what the GB75JH can do in your arsenal to play at the next gig!


Click here to see the review from Bass Guitar Magazine.

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