Bass Virtuoso Jeff Berlin Embarks on a USA Tour

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Cort artist and jazz/fusion bass legend Jeff Berlin has just embarked on a short tour of the US that started in Chicago on May 9th and concludes in New York on May 18th with a super quartet named “Moshulu” that features Jeff (Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth, HBC), drummer genius Dennis Chambers, veteran keyboardist/guitarist David Sancious (Bruce Springsteen, Sting) and the New York guitar great Oz Noy (Dave Weckl, Gary Husband). Bringing together diverse musical backgrounds, experience and world class skills, Moshulu is sure to bring intense ensemble musical interplay as well as extraordinary individual instrumental virtuosity that covers everything from funk, rock, and metal to fusion and modern classical interspersed with outstanding improvisation. All in all, this is the band to watch in the years ahead.

For the entire tour, Jeff will exclusively use his Cort Rithimic Signature Bass, delivering his trademark warm and rich yet focused punchy bass tone. Throughout his storied career, Jeff’s basses have always been simple, vintage-inspired and straight to the point, but then Jeff wanted to tweak these fundamentals to his exact specifications to make them something special that he can rely on in the studio as well as night after night on the road. The result is that the Rithmic Series basses provide the ideal balance between the simple and vintage with the modern refinements to meet the demands of today’s playing requirements. 

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Interview with Jeff Berlin:

Q: Please tell us about your new project band “Moshulu”.

A: Moshulu was an old sailing ship with four masts. I loved the name of the ship so much that I suggested it as the name of this new band.

Q: And how did you make this band and find band members?

A: Dennis Chambers is the drummer, David Sancious from Sting and Bruce Springsteen is the keyboardist, and Oz Noy is the guitarist. I wanted to play songs with a strong band and so I put these guys together so that we could play.

Q: Do you have any special ideas to make this tour special?

A: Just to play our hearts out.

Q: You are touring the USA in May. What are the next steps for the band “Moshulu”?

A: We are playing in America in May. In July we have a European tour. In the fall, there are plans for Asia. The special element is our interaction when we play.

Q: Tell us about your Cort Signature bass guitar, the Rhithimic. What concepts or features did you have in mind when developing this bass guitar?

A: I love passive sounding basses and wanted to play a great feeling and great sounding instrument. I have never found a bass that equals the Rhithimic in this regard.

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