Gear Gods Features the KX508MS on the Video “8-String Guitar Tips and …

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With a countless number of followers and subscribers around the world, Gear Gods has established itself as the online metal music community for providing the most update news regarding the metal genre and related musical equipment with the appropriate slogan of “A one-stop shop for the serious musician”. Developing its own content that covers everything from lessons and news to in-depth reviews of the latest gear, Gear Gods’ first lesson of May featured Cort’s new KX508MS model called ‘8-String Guitar Tips and Tricks” and is attracting a lot of attention and views.

Gear Gods’ Trey Xavier conducts the video lesson which consists of seven subjects over 20 minutes to demonstrate the best ways to get the most out of an 8-string guitar and it is notable that the KM508MS fits the bill as the most appropriate instrument for this feature. Check one out to see, feel and hear all the capabilities that the KM508MS has to offer to take your metal playing to the next subsonic level!

Click here to see the video from Gear Gods, featuring KX508MS

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