Jeff Berlin and Moshulu – North American Tour: a quick review

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Cort signature artist Jeff Berlin has recently returned from a short US tour in May that covered 6 cities in 9 days with a super quartet named “Moshulu” that featured Jeff, drummer genius Dennis Chambers, veteran keyboardist/guitarist David Sancious and the New York guitar great Oz Noy.

Here’s what Jeff had to say about the tour:

Cort -Thoughts about the recent USA tour?
Jeff - Tour with Moshulu was a player's dream. Everyone was playing at such a high level that each gig was inspiring. Dennis Chambers and I were especially tight, probably from our years of playing together. When Dennis did something rhythmically interesting, I would go with him and create a bass line to his invented drum rhythm. Also, he would do the same thing with me when I improvised something on the bass. 
Cort – Any memorable moments during this tour?
Jeff - I would have to say that it was three things. 1. Each night, the bass tone was so great that I was inspired by it to play at the top of my ability. 2. At this time, my solos are flowing easily and melodically. This tour had me playing some of my best solos and funk bass lines. 3. Dennis and I were listening to each other and coming up with all kinds of interesting intertwined rhythms. This happened each night for us.

Cort - Moshulu’s and your own next steps?
Jeff - We go to Europe in July to tour. And right afterward, I should be finishing my Jack Bruce CD. The drums, bass and most of the keyboards are finished. Alex Lifeson from Rush played a solo on one tune and more great guests are expected to play.

Stay tuned to Cort Website for more info on the upcoming Moshulu tour in Europe!


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