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After completing his first US tour in May with Felix Martin and Sarah Longfield, the talented Cort artist Hedras Ramos is paying a brief visit back to his home country, Guatemala, after moving to the US in 2018. He is scheduled to conduct a clinic on June 8th in cooperation with our official Guatemalan Cort distributor, MusicPro.


We got in touch with Hedras right after his last gig of his US tour to have him share his thoughts about his recent tour and his plans in Guatemala.

Cort - How was your recent tour in US with Felix Martin and Sarah Longfield?

Hedras - It was a lot of fun, got to see many cities and meet many fans and people that connect to music and guitar. I definitely learned a lot and it was an inspiring process.

Cort - What motivated you to conduct a clinic in Guatemala?

Hedras - After a-year-and-a-half of moving to LA, I felt it was a good moment to go back and see some familiar faces. Obviously, doing a clinic and sharing the new model Duality X700 was something I really want to do. I can’t wait to showcase the new guitar and let the Guatemalan community see this amazing instrument.

Cort - How does it feel to be going back to Guatemala and what are your expectations?

Hedras – I’m excited to see my friends and share music with my Guatemalan folks again, I think this clinic will be a lot of fun!

Cort - Now that you’ve had the X700 Duality for quite some time and did quite a number of gigs, clinics and tours with it, what are your thoughts on the guitar?

Hedras - The guitar is amazing with great tuning stability. In Denver it was snowing; in Florida and Texas, it was hot and humid and yet the guitar always stayed in tune!

The sound and the feel were amazing every night! It’s a very solid and consistent guitar!

Be sure to check in with us regularly for more updates on Hedras.

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