The Shape of Sound – Getting to know the body shapes of Cort acoustic …

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The shape and size of the body on an acoustic guitar has a critical impact on the instrument’s sonic sweet spot. We offer a wide assortment of shapes to ensure that we can offer you the guitar that does exactly what you need tonally.



Cort has designed multiple original body shapes over the years, including the popular NDX and SFX shapes, to help guitarists harness the particular sound and playing style that inspires them.

Cort has over 50 years of experience crafting millions of guitars. Not only has Cort evolved technically, but also in accumulating a very broad range of knowledge about woods, craftsmanship, music and the artists and players who play our guitars. We are committed to continue building on that experience and knowledge.

From the powerful dreadnought to the more intimate parlor, Cort offers over twelve tried-and-true body shapes for guitarists to choose from.




Body depth: 3 15/16" - 4 15/16" (100-125mm)
Our largest body shape, the Jumbo is loud and delivers a deep and rich low-end. The Jumbo body is very responsive to the touch and has exceptional sustain. Beyond its emphasized bass, the Jumbo exhibits an excellent dynamic range.
Models: CJ Series

Body depth: 3 15/16" - 4 15/16" (100-125mm)
Considered the “standard” in acoustic guitar body shapes, dreadnought achieved its status based on performance. This shape delivers big volume with clarity, powerful low-end, rich midrange, and lush highs. The dreadnought remains popular today, especially for flatpicking styles.



NDX (Cort Original)
Body depth: 3 15/16" - 4 15/16" (100-125mm)
Deeper than the typical cutaway, the NDX delivers a strong low-end and superb dynamics. The depth is the same as a traditional dreadnought and its Florentine cutaway gives you added fingerboard access.
Models: NDX Series

Body depth: 3 11/16" - 4 7/16" (93-112mm)
The Auditorium body shape is a more modern shape, evolved from the classic dreadnought style. Its narrowed waist and upper body make it naturally balanced and ideal for most playing styles. This is the ideal choice if you want articulate performance and defined midrange.

SFX (Cort Original)
Body depth: 3 1/4" - 3 1/4" (83-83mm)
Designed by the Cort team, the SFX was created to be the perfect acoustic-electric. We gave it a deep cutaway for easier access to the upper frets. With its wide lower bout, narrow waist and slim depth, the SFX has a focused midrange and sparkling highs, making it a brighter sounding body shape.



Body depth: 3 1/4" - 4 1/8" (82-104mm)
With its smaller body size, the OM is comfortable to hold while delivering a balanced sound that showcases refined overtones and clear string separation that works perfectly for fingerstyle playing.

Body depth: 3 9/16" - 4 3/16" (91-106mm)
Smaller than a traditional dreadnought, the Concert body shape delivers a sonic profile with focused and punchy midrange and brilliant highs. The Concert is responsive and ideal for fingerstyle enthusiasts.



Body depth: 3 15/16" - 4 1/8" (100-105mm)
A body shape that has withstood the test of time, the Classical shape is ideal for these nylon stringed instruments. The tonal balance and performance are traditional, giving you exactly what you want in a Classical guitar.

Body depth: 3 9/16" - 4 3/16" (91-106mm)
The smallest of standard body shapes, the Parlor was designed for playing in small rooms. Although it's not a loud guitar, the sound is clear with a brilliant yet sweet high-end. The Parlor's sonic character is similar to a Classical guitar with a strong emphasis on treble tone.

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