Alessio Menconi with G290 Fat for his Trio Bobo Concert

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Cort’s Italian artist and an always-inspiring jazz guitarist and composer, Alessio Menconi, performs together in an Italian super jazz/rock fusion trio called “Trio Bobo” - with Faso on bass and Christian Meyer on drums. Their live gig on July 26, 2019 in Arona, Italy was recorded and can be viewed with Alessio Menconi playing the new Cort G290 Fat as his main guitar on stage. 

Alessio takes full advantage of the uber-versatile G290 Fat, with his tonal variations ranging from crystal clear tones using the neck and bridge pickup combinations to a more definitive power-driven tone of the bridge pickup that cuts through the mix well for his solos in heavier sounding sections.

From its luxurious boutique design to its special 5-way switch with expanded tonal options for session-style guitar, the G290 FAT offers plenty to chew on at a price that’s not too hard to swallow.

Be sure to check out Alessio’s latest video with his band the “Trio Bobo” here:

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