Cort AB590MF Reviewed by Bassiste Magazine

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The AB590MF is a new bass addition of mini bass designed for bass players who record in the home studio will find this short scale bass an ideal instrument to lay down musical sketches when the inspiration suddenly strikes.


Bassiste Magazine in France tries out the new AB590MF for a test, and this is what they thought of the mini bass guitar.


We sometimes need to be smaller, and sometimes less strong than a big 5 string plugged into an Ampeg stack. Sometimes we have to let go of a complete rig to just make a fitting in rehearsal. Sometimes we would like to play it soft, unplugged or almost unplugged. The Cort AB590MF, offered at an aggressive price, seems ideally placed to attack a still shy market, that of campfire and acoustic gig.

Hard to be more discreet than this matte black finish. Only the unopened pores (the OP of the name) and two white bindings stand out otherwise giving this Cort bass a comfortable place among the pedals for bassists: if it's for bass, it's black. The instrument comes with a soft case, which is quite pleasant and rather unexpected in this price range.

The body is laminated mahogany and the spruce top is also laminated. Since rosewood becomes complicated to manufacture, the fingerboard and bridge is made with merbau, which is amazing at this places and quite coherent with the relatively big density. On the top panel, we can see the preamp Fishman Isys +, rather basic with a volume, two fixed equalization bands, a phase inverter and the switch for the built-in tuner, easy to read to make a catch in concert. The profile of the neck is no surprise either, not unpleasant, with a beautiful roundness, without being too bulky and finally manipulated as much by a seasoned bassist as a guitarist wanting to play the bass on occasion or a small size.

The range of playable styles of music with this bass is quite wide, as long as we consider this model "unplugged". However, more contemporary styles like traditional folk, rock, pop or blues can be considered, including funk, soul, and gospel which are very fashionable right now. Obviously for metal, apart from traditional ballads style, we will forget.

- Bassiste Magazine, online review

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