Acoustic Guitar Magazine Reviews the Gold Mini F

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For its November/December issue, Acoustic Guitar Magazine released a review on Gold Mini F, the little sibling in the flagship all-solid body Cort Gold Series family.


Acoustic Guitar Magazine says, “With the introduction of the Gold Mini F, Cort has given its entry-level Mini a serious upgrade, paying enough extra attention to detail to catch the eye of even a serious player looking for a fun addition to their collection.”

And concludes that, “…ultimately, the Gold Mini F is an impressive little guitar that is outfitted to handle a variety of playing duties. It’s affordable enough just for fun or travel, but it also sounds and looks good and has enough novel features to work it into your regular arsenal.”

Acoustic Guitar Magazine also uploaded a sound sample video on their website, so please make sure to read and hear all about the exciting Gold Mini F!

Video Review: Cort Gold Mini F

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