Jeff Berlin Europe Clinic Tour Review

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Cort Signature Artist and jazz/fusion bass virtuoso Jeff Berlin has recently traveled to select cities in Europe for a clinic tour in late-September 2019. His appearances included a clinic event in Amsterdam, main and bass stage performances at Guitar Summit 2019 in Mannheim and two more clinics in Epsom and Glasgow in UK.

In a recent conversation with Jeff, he described the clinic tour as being “a very successful tour and a very positive event with good solid feedback from the crowd.”

Clinic at Q Factory, Amsterdam 

Interview with Gitarre & Bass at Guitar Summit, Mannheim

Jeff´s innovative and exceptional bass playing plus charismatic teachings through his interactive clinics is sure to inspire anyone, from a beginner and hobbyist to a music teacher or even a pro musician. In all of his appearances, Jeff’s signature model ‘Rithimic’ bass guitar accompanied him throughout the tour. Introduced in 2014, the Rithimic Series provides an ideal balance between the simple vintage design and modern innovative features for today’s playing demands. Equipped with the bass he helped to inspire, Jeff is on a path to influence the next generation of bass players through these unique clinics with insightful discussions and inspiring performances.

Clinic at GuitarGuitar Epsom (Facebook live-stream)

We will have more exciting news on Jeff Berlin and his upcoming events soon.

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