Rithimic V Review by Music Radar

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Jeff Berlin’s iconic signature model with an ‘extra string’, the Rithimic V, received a 4.5 star rating on a gear review by Music Radar.

Here is just a snippet of the great review:

“Any bass bearing Jeff’s name needs to enable his smooth chordal work, expert staccato picking and fluid soloing, all of which Cort’s existing Rithimic four-string can do. How does the bass fare when extended with a low B-string?

The components, attention to build detail and playability are exactly as we would wish. We’re so used to Death Star-like basses with pulverizing active electronics that it’s a pleasant surprise when we get hold of an old-fashioned passive instrument. The Rithimic’s natural tone is thinner and more fragile than that of a turbocharged active bass for obvious reasons, so we spend time on our phrasing. We enjoyed playing the Rithimic, and we’re confident that you will too.”

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