Cort Guitars at Guitar Summit and Music China

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Musical instrument trade shows, either on global or local scale, have always been the go-to place for brands, musicians and consumers alike. Many who participate expect to find the latest trends and opportunities in the musical instrument industry, find old and new friends and partners, and are given a chance to hold, feel, and experience the instruments.

In more recent MI trade shows, such as the Guitar Summit 2019 and the 2019 Music China, Cort guitars were given the chance to be presented at these shows in cooperation with the local distributors of Europe and China.

Guitar Summit, dubbed as the “Europe’s Biggest Guitar Show” was held in Mannheim, Germany at the Rosengarten Mannheim from 27th – 29th September. The three day event, organized by Gitarre & Bass, saw over 8,600 visitors enjoying over 160 workshops, master-classes and concerts. Cort’s own signature artist Jeff Berlin was invited to perform at the Main and Bass stage and spend some time at the Cort booth doing interviews for local media.


One of the involved members commented that “the response from the crowd visiting our booth was great and witnessed great value in Cort guitars. People paid much attention to the most recent Gold Series but amongst the guitars that were displayed, the guitar that received the most attention was the CutCraft acoustic guitar, which people couldn’t believe that the quality and technology involved in this particular model came from a company that specializes in mass production.”

Jeff Berlin on stage at Guitar Summit 2019

Music China boasts a much bigger scale than Guitar Summit with 110,000 estimated visitors and participants from more than 81 countries and regions annually and it was no different this year. A four-day event spanning from the 10th to the 13th of October, Cort guitars were presented at the distributor’s large booth compound.


One of the eye-catching features of the booth was the “Cort Wall” which covered Cort’s history, manufacturing processes and a dedicated section for Gold Series with actual guitar parts that highlighted the advanced features of the Gold Series guitars.


Be sure to stay tuned with us for updates on further upcoming events!

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