Gold Series Story: (3) Special Details

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“The Cort Gold Series was designed with a total focus on sound. This is the best acoustic guitar that we have ever built. You will hear the difference with your first strum. That great tone you hear is a culmination of many meticulous details and superior craftsmanship.”

You may have seen this phrase in our Gold Series ads and catalogs but probably have wondered ‘what does all that actually mean?’ To help you understand better about our top-of-the-line Gold Series, we would like to begin a series of articles that explains exactly what makes Gold Series guitars special.



Our innovative neck profile adds comfort and playability to all our Gold Series guitars. You will notice that comfortable feel of a well-played vintage instrument, broken in to fit just right in your hands. We wanted to assure that every time you pick up a Cort acoustic that you would notice the great feel of the neck. 

Producing a great neck starts with the shape on the back of the neck. We have developed comfortable dimensions in neck thickness from the headstock to the heel to increase comfort in your hands and optimize playability. To assure consistency, we use state-of-the-art CNC machines to accurately mill each and every neck. Each neck is then carefully sanded and finished by skilled craftsmen who have a dedication and passion for building some of the best acoustic guitars in the world.



The shaping and treatment of a guitar’s frets have a big impact on comfort and performance. Most guitar makers simply bevel the frets at each end to eliminate the sharp edges. Boutique acoustic builders, however, use a method to dress their frets to make them round, smooth and ultra-comfortable to touch and play. This process is highly complex and time-consuming and requires the skilled workmanship of experienced craftsmen. On our Gold Series, we offer this enhancement typically reserved for much higher priced instruments.



The connection between guitar’s neck and body is a key factor in the overall resonance of the instrument as it determines how well the vibrational energy of the strings transfer between the body and the neck. The DoubleLock Neck Joint system on our Gold Series starts with traditional tight-fitting dovetail neck joint. This is then further reinforced by securing the neck joint with a bolt screw for greater stability. The result is an air-tight synergy between the neck and the body to maximize the vibration of the strings across the length of the entire guitar.

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