Darrell Braun Reviews the New G300 Pro and Shows Why it’s “Pro”!

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The venerable G Series electric guitar lineup got a major boost with the new G300 Pro and Darrell Braun goes over all of the outstanding features and demonstrates the sounds to show why this has the “Pro” moniker. From top-to-bottom and end-to-end, every detail has been carefully considered to assure that this guitar can meet the most demanding requirements of professional level players.

From the “Holy Grail” wood combination favored by world class legendary artists and boutique guitar builders to premium components such as an all-steel bridge and block to Seymour Duncan pickups to roasted Maple neck with stainless steel frets, the G300 Pro is spec’d out to the max. But the specs aren’t everything. All the “ingredients” need to be “cooked and seasoned” by experienced craftsmen with robust construction and build quality and then meticulously set up for premium feel and playability and this is what the G300 Pro delivers.

Ultimately, a pro instrument has to sound great, and the G300 Pro meets those expectations with flying colors with its Seymour Duncan pickups and the versatile 5-way switching. From high-gain palm-muted metal rhythm and blistering shred to sparkling clean funky rhythm and warm jazzy tones, the G300 Pro covers them all with authority and that undefinable musicality. Check out the thorough review by Darrell and see and hear why the G300 Pro is a pro instrument.

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