Steve Stine Demos the Ultimate Value Metal Axe – the X500 Menace

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The X500 Menace is one of Cort’s hottest models and for a very good reason: it provides maximum performance for a workhorse metal axe that won’t break the bank. Steve does a superb job of demonstrating all the features and capabilities that the X500 Menace is capable of: from pulverizing chunky and punchy riffs to cutting shred leads as well as ethereal and sparkling clean sounds for the quiet interludes.

There is certainly something to be said for neck-thru-body construction when it comes to playing metal. More than guitars with other neck-body joint construction, it provides focus, punch and definition in the lows while the midrange cuts through the mix with authority without any hint of harshness. Playability-wise, especially for high-register access, there is simply no comparison: the neck-thru wins hands down.

The X500 Menace plays fast while putting out serious power with the Seymour Duncan Sentient (N) and Nazgul (B) pickups, making it versatile tone machine as well as an aggressive metal axe. But don’t just take our word for it and check out this video by Steve to see and hear what the X500 Menace can do!

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