Artisan B4 Element Bass Review – A High Performance Bass for All Seaso…

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BassTheWorld has reviewed the professional quality Artisan B4 Element bass that provides outstanding versatility as well as stunning value for the serious bassist who has no interest in paying boutique prices. An intriguing combination of the traditional and the modern, the Artisan B4 Element features an unusual wood combination of Mahogany body with an Ash top and a 5pc Panga Panga and Walnut neck with roasted Maple fingerboard which results in a tonal character that is both familiar and different.

The superb acoustic character of the bass is reinforced by the MetalCraft M bridge and the Hipshot® Ultralite tuners as well as the Bartolini MK-1 pickups and 3-band EQ for a wide variety of great bass tones to cover virtually any musical genre or style imaginable. The thorough review highlights all the key features with ample playing demonstrations so you can hear the various excellent sounds that the Artisan B4 Element delivers.

This is a bass that can do it all for the working professional playing gigs night after night or a serious bass student as well as the recording hobbyist in the home studio. Exuding Artisan’s trademark modernity and sophistication with woody warmth and organic feel, the B4 Element is a bass for all seasons anytime and anywhere. 

Check out the review and then be sure to test drive one at your local Cort dealer.

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