The X500 Menace Lives Up to its Name as a Killer Metal Axe

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Metal isn’t just about cranking up the gain on the amp and thrashing away on a guitar with high output pickups. As with any other style of playing, every detail matters and metal players are quite particular about what they expect from their axe besides the looks. The guitar must be responsive with a fast transient attack, punchy with a tight low end, a midrange that has balls as well as definition and a treble that cuts through the mix like a hot knife through butter without being harsh or piercing. The X500 Menace is such an axe that checks all the boxes for the serious metal player without having to break the bank. 

UK’s metal vlogger extraordinaire Jamie Slays takes the X500 Menace through the paces from unboxing to playing through Lamb of God’s ‘Pathetic’ to demonstrate the X500 Menace’s cutting yet grinding and powerful tone. Featuring neck-thru-body construction with Mahogany body wings and Maple top, 7pc Maple/Purple Heart/Panga Panga neck, Ebony fingerboard, FloydRose® 1000 Series Tremolo, and Seymour Duncan® Sentient & Nazgul humbuckers, the X500 Menace is fully equipped and armed to be the metal axe that covers all the bases.

Check out these vids from Jamie Slays and see how the X500 Menace can put a charge into your riffing and shredding.

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