Jeff Berlin and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal Join Forces to Blow Your Mind

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At first glance, the pairing of legendary jazz-fusion bassist Jeff Berlin and iconoclastic rock shred virtuoso Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal may seem odd or unlikely, but one can certainly imagine that it would be most interesting. Having met “accidentally” at 2019 NAMM at the Cort booth while one was waiting for the other to finish a performance, the two monster musicians decided to jam afterwards and hit it off so well that they decided to work on some music together and even plan on touring together playing their original materials until COVID derailed those plans for now. 

Inspired by the Cort Play Along promo, Jeff and Ron recorded a short clip of some musical ideas that they have been developing for their music. Although this video snippet is at best a short teaser of what the two can do together, it does blow our minds and makes us wonder what a full musical collaboration and resulting live shows would be like: adventurous, exciting, unpredictable, and profoundly musical with plenty of virtuosic fireworks.

Check out this video and watch Jeff and Ron rip it up with astonishing technique and telepathic synchronization – Jeff with his Rithimic signature bass and Ron with his Gold-A8 acoustic-electric. Sometimes, what may seem like an odd couple can achieve something incredible and we can be assured that’s what we can expect from Jeff and Ron very soon.

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