Sierra Hull Picks Bluegrass Roots with the Cort Core-OC Mahogany Acous…

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Virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and singer Sierra Hull takes the Cort Core-OC Mahogany acoustic guitar through the paces and demonstrates why she is one of the most highly regarded artists in the bluegrass scene today. A child prodigy who started playing mandolin at the age of eight and accepted a Presidential Scholarship out of high school to study at the Berklee College of Music, Sierra radiates a confident musicality with depth and finesse.

Sierra enjoyed checking out the Core-OC Mahogany as it reminded her of the very first guitar she ever owned in that it is a no-frills and essentials-only type of instrument which gets to the “core” of what makes an acoustic guitar sound, play, and feel great. The open pore finish allows the all-solid Mahogany body to breathe and resonate to its full potential, resulting in a lightweight guitar that vibrates with lively energy as well as being very sensitive to the player’s picking dynamics.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or an intermediate-level student who doesn’t need the fancy appointments but just wants a great sounding and playing guitar with a down-to-earth look, the Cort Core-OC Mahogany acoustic is an excellent instrument that will provide many years of playing enjoyment for performance and recording as well as taking it wherever the music takes you.

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