Darrell Braun Reviews “A Surprisingly Great Guitar!” – the Cort G280 S…

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The highly influential YouTube guitar reviewer Darrell Braun hasn’t had much experience with Cort guitars but he’s now coming around to understand just how great they are. After being blown away by the G290 FAT earlier, Darrell now puts the G280 Select through his characteristically thorough review and highlights all the great features that this guitar provides.

Along with demonstrations of the versatile sonic capabilities of the G280 Select, Darrell points out all the key features in detail and even goes to the length of disassembling the guitar to examine the build quality and the components. Overall, Darrell is quite impressed with the G280 Select’s features, quality of sounds, playability, build quality and value.

Designed and built with uncompromising “boutique”-level quality with excellent performance-to-cost ratio, the G280 Select is a workhorse of an electric guitar that can meet the requirements of even the most demanding professional players. The G280 Select proves that expensive does not mean that it’s better. Check out the G280 Select to discover how great it is just as Darrell has!

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