BassTheWorld’s Review of New Cort C5 Plus OVMH

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Cort’s Artisan Series basses have been a mainstay in the ever-expanding line of Cort instruments for decades and it keeps evolving to keep up with the fast-changing times in the 21st century. BassTheWorld reviews the new C5 Plus OVMH which features the luxurious tonewood Ovangkol top on a Maple core with Mahogany body wings to provide a perfect combination of warmth, punch, and balanced tone.

The review expertly highlights all the special features of the C5 Plus OVMH such as the Bartolini MK-1 pickups and Markbass MB-1 preamp but especially the newly developed dual string-loading MetalCraft M bridge and the unique body construction which provides certain tonal and tactile qualities of neck-thru-body construction in a bolt-on instrument.

The Artisan Series continues to stretch the boundaries of what the electric bass can do for professional players and casual hobbyists alike. The C5 Plus OVMH combines the now-classic aesthetics of the Artisan with innovative features to get “boutique”-quality looks and performance while providing unmatched value. Yet again, the Artisan raises the bar for a great bass should be.

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