Guitar Ace Pete Thorn Shows Off the Greatness of the Cort Gold A6

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Pete Thorn needs no introduction in the Internet guitar gear community due to his brilliant guitar technique and musicality with uncanny ears for great guitar sounds as well as his unmatched ability to convey and present his thoughts clearly to the viewers. Whether Pete is playing or talking, you listen to enjoy and to get informed. A true tone connoisseur who owns many fine instruments and equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the world, Pete understands the delicate nuances of guitars and knows how to coax the best out of them with effortlessness and style.

Working in conjunction with Guitar World, Pete got an opportunity to test and review the Gold A6 acoustic-electric and deftly demonstrates all of the guitar’s capabilities while producing some gorgeous acoustic guitar tones. During the walkthrough of the instrument, Pete highlights the world class craftsmanship and build quality, scalloped bracing, Torrefied Sitka Spruce top, UV finish, and hand-rolled fingerboard edges as well as a very detailed explanation and demonstration of the Fishman Flex Blend pickup/preamp system. 

The Gold A6 produces a very balanced yet full acoustic sound unplugged but also excels plugged in as Pete amply demonstrates, making it an extremely versatile instrument whether you are strumming out in the backyard or performing with a band on stage in front of a large audience. Whether you are an acoustic tone purist or a touring professional who needs a top performance instrument that will perform reliably night after night, the Gold A6 is the only acoustic-electric guitar you will ever need to perform at your very best.

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