Tomo Fujita Demonstrates the Versatility of the Cort G280 Select

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Tomo Fujita is another major presence in the guitar community as both an esteemed and highly respected educator as well as a performer and guitar gear reviewer. More of a free-form demonstration than a typical review, Tomo takes the G280 Select through the various pickup settings to show all the sounds and styles you can create in an informative and entertaining manner. Primarily a three single-coils configuration player, Tomo touts the versatility of the humbucker pickup in the bridge position to add a beefy lead and crunch sound to complement the single-coil pickups in the middle and neck positions.

This video “review” is more of a “lesson” in the types of guitar sounds and styles that you can coax out depending on which pickup or pickup combinations you are using and what methods and techniques are ideal for certain playing genres. Tomo specifically points out the versatility of having the humbucker in the bridge position and how the HSS configuration is very often favored by studio players who need to access various guitar sounds quickly and efficiently.

Crafted of premium materials and components, the G280 Select is a “boutique”-level solidbody electric guitar with all the features that experienced and discriminating players require. Featuring Alder body with Flame Maple top, Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, the Cort CFA-III Tremolo with solid steel construction, Cort’s Voiced Tone VTS-77 humbucker and VTS-63 single-coil pickup, and Cort’s staggered locking tuners, the G280 Select combines the best of the past with the best of the present to forge ahead into the future as an instrument that will grow with your own musical development.

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