Check out the NEW Matt Bellamy MBC-1 Signature Guitar

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Who hasn't lusted over Matt Bellamy's custom Manson guitars at one point or another? The new Cort Manson MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature brings his famous sound and features to the masses. Cort partnered up with Manson Guitar Works - the well respected custom guitar builder in the U.K. that has been working with Matthew Bellamy for two decades, to create the MBC-1. Manson has created Matthew's custom guitars over the years and has personally overseen the development of the MBC-1.

For the world-exclusive first review of the MBC-1 and an in-depth interview with Hugh Manson on designing the guitar with Matt, check out issue 263 of Total Guitar, available now.
See the 90 Second Teaser from Total Guitar

The Tone King visited Cort's booth at the NAMM show, and took this very nice video clip. Check out Hedras Ramos playing MBC-1! 
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