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There is nothing quite like the sound of the mighty dreadnought acoustic guitar. There are many kinds of acoustics with different body shapes with their own distinctive and pleasant characteristics but when one envisions an acoustic guitar in his/her mind, the dreadnought shape acoustic is the most likely to pop up. And this is all for a very good reason: the dreadnought is the classic acoustic with the big sound, plenty of sonic projection, all-around versatility suited to virtually any musical genre or style, and the timeless look that conjures up images of eras gone by but is still contemporary.


Cort offers a wide range of dreadnought acoustic guitars to meet your musical sensibilities, technical demands and budget. On this newsletter we’d like to introduce you to three dreadnought acoustics that offer a wealth of features to meet your musical needs. Whether you are a casual strummer, primarily an electric player looking to own a fine no-frills dreadnought or a dedicated pro for the most demanding live and studio applications, the following Cort dreadnought acoustic guitars will deliver the sound, feel, look and playability you expect from Cort.


The Earth100 is Cort’s vision of a no-frills straight-to-the-point deluxe dreadnought acoustic guitar. Featuring solid Sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides body and mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, the Earth 100 is tastefully appointed for a classy down to earth look. If you ever wanted that one acoustic guitar to pick up late at night when the musical inspiration strikes or to take on a camping trip, the Earth100 is the perfect choice to meet a variety of your musical needs.


The Earth70 is for people who are on a budget and require something that performs and looks great but do not require the extra deluxe appointments found on the Earth100. Resonant and loud, the Earth70 is a superb choice for the casual player or the electric guitarist who wants to have an acoustic around for different sonic textures and the unmistakable feel and sound you can only get from a solid-top acoustic guitar.


Rounding out the trio of dreadnoughts featured on this edition, the MR710F can be viewed as the cutaway-electric version of the venerable Earth100. This fine versatile instrument is designed for the touring professional and live usage where a great-sounding amplified acoustic is a priority. The cutaway body also facilitates easy access to the upper register of the fretboard for effortless soloing. The MR710F also features the Fishman Presys EQ with a convenient built-in tuner. If you need a solid-top acoustic guitar that can double as a cutaway-electric for the most demanding live applications, the MR710F will cover all of the bases and more.

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