Here Comes the Cover Model!

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Cort’s Artisan Series basses are the cover story subject of Germany’s highly respected webzine Bass Quarterly. The magazine article provides an in-depth look at the well-regarded Artisan basses. The conclusion from the magazine is that the Artisan basses measure up to boutique-level (i.e. extremely expensive) basses that professional players need although not the custom options and specific concepts that they may seek. The magazine also mentions that the amazing Mohini Dey played the Artisan A5 in one of debut song and that is a “kind of accolade” that should be noted.


Click here to see PDF version of the article at Bass Quarterly Magazine


The Artisan Series basses offer high-end materials, components and workmanship at a fraction of the prices of boutique basses. They are thoroughly equipped and expertly built to withstand the daily rigors of a working professional bassist. What matters in the end is how the basses look, play, feel and sound to get the job done. The Artisan Series basses have what it takes to getting the job done a thoroughly enjoyable and musical experience.


Cort Artisan Series Basses

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